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Welcome to Lush Leaf Plants - a small one-woman-owned shop, partnered with local farmers, to bring you the most lush selection of plants!

We're an eco-friendly business on a mission to inspire beauty and wellness with green-living.

Add some life to your spaces and get your plants delivered to your door!

  • Re: Guzmania Bromeliad Orange

    "I'm a huge fan of collecting houseplants, so I've shopped around a lot. I was very surprised at how well this was packaged and how beautiful the 4" plant was. I will most certainly be ordering more plants from this shop!" - Janice

  • Re: Pothos Golden // Air Purifying Bundle

    "WOW. This was my first time ordering plants online so I was very curious as to how they would be shipped and a bit concerned about the condition they'd arrive in tbh. However all of my fears washed away when they arrived and I opened a big box full of carefully packed plants. Each plant was packed so well and all 4 plants came in the same box together. The plants themselves were so pretty too - very healthy and happy. I'm very pleased with my new plant additions to my home. It's safe to say I'm a big fan of getting my plants delivered now!" - Karen

  • Re: Philodendron Congo Green

    "Pretty impressed by the plants this shop delivers. The leaves are full and plentiful, and the plant itself is very healthy. I ordered a couple different varieties for my wife's home office and she was very happy with all of them. We'll be back!" - Jerry

  • Our Eco Promise:

    Grown with love. Shipped with love. For the love. We don't just love houseplants. We love all plants, and our most precious resource from which they come: Earth. We're an eco-friendly business that is here to share this love of nature with you and your home - while inspiring sustainability and love for the environment... by adding living art to yours.

  • Happy Plant Guarantee:

    We pride ourselves on delivering happy and healthy plants. We created an awesome Delivery Care Guide to ensure a smooth transition from our greenhouse to your home. Please read our full Return Policy for what qualifies for a replacement within 30 days of your purchase. We strive for both you and your plants to be satisfied and thriving!

  • Fast, Reliable + Progressive Shipping:

    We've perfected the process of plant packaging and shipping. Each plant is handpicked from our greenhouse for each order and is packaged in 100% recycled packaging without any plastic.

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