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Transform your space into a whimsical oasis with our eco-friendly plant delivery service. Browse our selection and order now to bring the healing sanctuary of indoor plants to your doorstep.

  • Re: Guzmania Bromeliad Orange

    "I'm a huge fan of collecting houseplants, so I've shopped around a lot. I was very surprised at how well this was packaged and how beautiful the 4" plant was. I will most certainly be ordering more plants from this shop!" - Janice

  • Re: Pothos Golden // Air Purifying Bundle

    "WOW. This was my first time ordering plants online so I was very curious as to how they would be shipped and a bit concerned about the condition they'd arrive in tbh. However all of my fears washed away when they arrived and I opened a big box full of carefully packed plants. Each plant was packed so well and all 4 plants came in the same box together. The plants themselves were so pretty too - very healthy and happy. I'm very pleased with my new plant additions to my home. It's safe to say I'm a big fan of getting my plants delivered now!" - Karen

  • Re: Philodendron Congo Green

    "Pretty impressed by the plants this shop delivers. The leaves are full and plentiful, and the plant itself is very healthy. I ordered a couple different varieties for my wife's home office and she was very happy with all of them. We'll be back!" - Jerry

  • Our Eco Promise:

    Grown with love. Shipped with love. For the love. We don't just love houseplants. We love all plants, and our most precious resource from which they come: Earth. We're an eco-friendly business that is here to share this love of nature with you and your home - while inspiring sustainability and love for the environment... by adding living art to yours.

  • Happy Plant Guarantee:

    We pride ourselves on delivering happy and healthy plants. We created an awesome Delivery Care Guide to ensure a smooth transition from our greenhouse to your home. Please read our full Return Policy for what qualifies for a replacement within 30 days of your purchase. We strive for both you and your plants to be satisfied and thriving!

  • Fast, Reliable + Progressive Shipping:

    We've perfected the process of plant packaging and shipping. Each plant is handpicked from our greenhouse for each order and is packaged in 100% recycled packaging without any plastic.

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Grow With Us

Welcome to our plant delivery service, where we bring a touch of whimsy and dreaminess into your home. Our eco-friendly business not only supports the environment, but also recognizes the healing properties of indoor plants.

Our plants are carefully selected and grown with love, making them the perfect addition to any home or office. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting out, we have a wide variety of plants to fit your needs and level of experience.

With our easy-to-use online ordering system, you can have your plants delivered straight to your doorstep in no time. Plus, we offer a range of pots and plant accessories to add even more charm to your space.

Join us in our mission to promote a greener world while reaping the benefits of a healthy indoor sanctuary. Browse our selection today and let us bring a little bit of magic into your life.