Fall Favorites: 10 of the Best Houseplants for Fall

Fall Favorites: 10 of the Best Houseplants for Fall

Oh autumn… a transitional time where life starts to slow down post summer growth as we settle into cozier vibes with the colder, darker days ahead. Streets are filled with fallen leaves and there's a chill in the breeze that whispers sweet messages of staying warm and seeking comfort. Brilliant bursts of gold, orange, red and deep purple are speckled throughout nature, and we often find ourselves craving to emulate that beautiful color palette and toasty feeling within our homes.


A great way to spice up your interiors this fall is to do that through houseplants! It may be one of their slower growth seasons, but houseplants are incredible little living creatures that can not only tolerate the colder seasons, but thrive among them - with the right love! 

Here’s a List of 10 of the Best Houseplants for Fall


The following plants are a cozy collection of hardy houseplants for Fall/Winter longevity, and houseplants with striking leaves and rich hues for fall decorating!


Snake Plant 

Snake Plant - Best Houseplant for Fall

Echoing its name, this hardy beauty is not only one of the best beginner-friendly houseplants as they are very easy to care for and pretty hard to kill, this gorgeous specimen has ssstriking reptilian patterned leaves that often resemble snakeskin! They prefer medium to low light, but can thrive in any and go awhile without water. And as nature gracefully shows us, Fall is energetically a time of shedding old skins and letting go to make room for new things ahead, which is why this plant is both a beautiful resilient species and an energetic symbol that pairs perfectly with the season. 

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Croton - Best Houseplant for Fall

Once glance at this plant will show you why it’s a beauty to bring into your home. WIth its rich colors of yellow, orange, and red, you’ll have lots of fun adding this houseplant to your fall decorations! Decor pro tip: place this plant on a window where it can be backlit by the sun, and feast your eyes on the beauty of that silhouette!  

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Maranta “Prayer Plant” 

Maranta Prayer Plant - Best Houseplant for Fall

A true muse of the houseplant world, this plant gets its name from moving its leaves with the Sun, bringing its leaves in and up to “pray” at night. With dark leaves and beautiful veins of purple and red, these wild little sprawlers look luscious as centerpieces or anywhere high where they can hang free and prettily. 

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Calathea - Best Houseplant for Fall

A relative of the Prayer Plant, these dramatic and mysterious beauties also move their leaves in at night. They come in a variety of fall shades, ranging from olive and dark green to silvery green and purple red, and have lovely patterns on their leaves - making them a gorgeous addition to autumn homes. 

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Monstera - Best Houseplant for Fall

A year around favorite, this IG famous houseplant is a big statement plant that thrives in almost any light! They’ll grow wildly fast in bright indirect light, and a little slower in low light, but all around they are very hardy and easy to take care of. This makes them both a beautiful choice and smart choice for the fall and winter!  

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Neon Pothos 

Neon Pothos - Best Houseplant for Fall

This particular pothos is bright, vivid and bold! The color is so gorgeous that it looks incredible next to the more traditional fall color pallets of golds, reds, and oranges. Like all pothos, the leaves are lush and love to grow! They love medium light but can live in lower light conditions as well - just don’t place it in direct sunlight! Just like the changing season, this plant loves an ambient vibe where it can glow and thrive. 

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ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant - Best Houseplant for Fall

The plant of caves and dungeons, the ZZ plant thrives in low light and is so resilient it can survive droughts! With that and how low maintenance it is overall, it’s all around a no-brainer choice for every fall and winter houseplant collection. Not to mention, how cool is that fanning leaf structure! 

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Philodendron - Best Houseplant for Fall

One of the best beginner-friendly houseplants, Philodendrons are very easy to grow and grow very quickly! They are very flexible plants that love indirect light. They grow gorgeous trailing vines, so hang it high and be mesmerized! 

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Bromeliad - Best Houseplant for Fall

This exotic houseplant is usually a summer favorite, but with its strength, low maintenance, and amazing variety of vivid colors, it quickly lends itself to be a fall favorite! They love warmer, humid environments, so keep it a cozy spot and mist regularly. And bonus! It’s one of the best air purifying houseplants! 

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Anthurium - Best Houseplant for Fall

With brilliant red and orange varieties, Anthuriums complement the shade of fall very nicely. And with the right love (bright light, proper nutrients, and misting) they can bloom all throughout the year! Hello, pretty Fall and Winter flowers!

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Find even more Fall Favorites here!

What are your favorite Fall houseplants? Which is your favorite from this collection? We’d love to know! We’re always looking for new inspiration from our fellow plant-lovers!

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