Houseplant Care Guide

Houseplant Delivery Care Guide

How to Unpack and Care for your New Plant

Congratulations! You're new plant has just arrived to its new home!

Here's how you can help your plant transition smoothly:

1. Unpack your plant: Gently open the package your plant arrived in. Each plant is contained in a second box that keeps it stationary while traveling - pull that plant box out of the mailing box. There will be cardboard pop-ins that hold the plant in place, and possibly a stick as well depending on how big the plant is. Remove the stick (if there is one) and pop out the cardboard to free the plant. Carefully grab the plant and pull it out of the box. 

2. Gently remove packaging: Carefully remove the rubber band from around the base of the plant then tear off the brown paper that's wrapping the plant. 

3. Say hello and give your plant some TLC: Take a moment to assess your plant. If it looks great, great! If your plant looks a little shocked (thirsty, wearied, broken leaves, etc), do not worry - this is a normal with the shipping process. Simply remove any dead or broken leaves or branches with sharp scissors or shears. This will not harm your plant at all, and may even help give it some boosting power to grow healthier! If there are white water marks of its leaves, gently remove these with a wet, warm towel. If you think your plant was damaged beyond the point of return during the transit, please reach out to us immediately at We will assist you from there. 

4. Check if it's thirsty: A good rule of thumb to see if your plant needs water is to check the soil moister levels. If the top 1-2 inches of the soil is dry, then its a good idea to water your plant. If not, then do not water it right away. From there, please refer to your specific species of plant's watering needs. Pro-Tip: Getting a mister for your plants is a great way to keep them happy!

5. Give it some sun: Your plant was just traveling in a lightless box, so place it in indirect sunlight for about a day or so to give it some extra love. From there, place your plant in the specie's recommended levels of sunlight. 

6. Make a growth plan: It's a great idea to start thinking about when you'll repot your plant to make room for new growth. Each plant is different, but we recommend an average repotting time of about 2-3 weeks after its arrival. 

7. Love your plant, watch it grow, and enjoy your new friend! 

We're very happy that your plant is in its new home now! We consider you part of the Lush Leaf Family now and we love to see our family thrive. We encourage you to share updates on how your plants arrive and grow! 

Leave a review and/or tag us on our socials @lushleafplants - we'd love to feature you! 

Note: Again, its important to know that some level of shock is normal and to be expected from the shipping process. Life in the greenhouse was very different, so we recommend giving your plant a couple weeks to adjust to its new home. Plants are living things too and simply need some time to acclimate to changes. Almost always, plants spring back up and continue to grow and thrive in their new homes! 

If you have any concerns about your plant not surviving the transition, please reach out to us ASAP so we can assist you! We're happy to help :) 


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