How do you ship plants? Are they safe? 

We've perfected the process of plant packaging to deliver plants smoothly and safely to your door! After being grown with love and carefully selected for your order, we gently wrap each plant several times in paper, to help provide cushioning and stability for the plant. We then fasten the paper with a rubber band to keep the dirt grounded in the pot. Then the wrapped plant is put into a custom box that keeps it stable, safe, and standing upright. As an eco-friendly business, we pride ourselves on using 100% recycled packaging with no plastic in our deliveries, and do our best to keep our shipping practices progressive to reduce our carbon footprint. Depending on where an order is going, we use USPS or FedEx to deliver it.

Where do you ship?

All across the continental United States! We do not, however, currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii (due to strict agricultural laws). 

Do you ship plants year around, even during colder months? 

Yes! Plants can absolutely be shipped all year around - we just ask that you add a heat pack to your order during the colder months, or if you live in a particularly colder climate. These awesome 72 hour packs act like little plant heaters to keep your plants happy and healthy during the shipping process. They also help to minimize any temperature shock that might happen during the transition. However, if there is a delay in shipping due to the carrier (USPS or FedEx), there is a chance we may experience some issues. If this is the case and you received a plant that is cold and damaged (with a heat pack included) please reach out to us at info@lushleafplants.com and we will happily replace the plant. Please note, we will not be responsible for plants that arrive cold or frozen if you did not add a heat pack to your order during the colder months. 

How long do deliveries take? 

Our average processing time is 2-5 business days for you to receive your tracking information. Then it takes 2-6 days to ship, depending on where you live. However those are safe estimates and we usually see orders arriving on the earlier side. Please note that if you order on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your order will be processed until Monday. We are a small business and as mush as we love promptly packing your new plants friends, we enjoy a good work-life balance and so don't work on the weekends. We'll get right to it when we return on Monday! 

What if my plant(s) arrive damaged or unhealthy? 

While we're very happy that you received your plants and we work hard to ensure they arrive happy, it's important to note that some level is shock is common from shipping them. They're in a transition phase, as they've changed environments from a green house to your home, so we recommend giving them a week to adjust to their new life. Any broken leaves can easily be removed without damaging the plant, which might actually help the plant thrive better in the long run! We've also created a simple care guide you can access here to give them some extra love and help them perk back up. Most plants do! If after a week or so they continue to get worse, or you fear the plant is dying, please send us pictures along with your packing slip to info@lushleafplants.com so we can help you from there. 

Where do you grow your plants? 

Our plants are grown in Southern California and Florida, which supports a number of small business growers. 

What is One Tree Planted and why does it pop up on the screen?

One Tree Planted is a wonderful non-profit organization that raises funds for reforestation projects. For every donation they receive, they plant a tree! We wholeheartedly support this purpose and are passionate about taking care of our planet, so we've partnered with One Tree Planet as one of many efforts to promote living in harmony with the Earth. 

I used Paypal and received a charge from Fischer Williams. Who is that?

Fischer Williams is the parent company of the green house we work with at Lush Leaf Plants. This is completely normal to see when using Paypal with us. 


Please contact us here or email info@lushleafplants.com if you have any more questions!