Our Mission

Lush Leaf Plants was created from a pure passion for plants, and the natural world from which they come. Nature is our biggest muse, so we strive to live immersed in her beautiful leaves and vines at all times. 

Reconnecting You to the Magic of Nature

LLP see's our living spaces as important and playful environments that are intended to help us thrive. We strongly believe in the power of plants and the incredibly positive impact they have on our lives. Whether it's to inspire us, enrich our senses, or enhance our sense of wellbeing, living among plant life is one of the best ways to tap into the wonders of the natural world - from the comfort of your own home, creating your very own indoor sanctuary. 

Protecting our Planet with the Power of Plants

We're pretty passionate about doing our part to protect and preserve our most precious resource: our planet. The environmental crisis we're all facing today is getting realer by the moment. As a progressive and sustainable business, we strive to operate in the most eco-friendly manner we can to lend a helping hand to this important global cause. 

A big part of our business, in addition to providing beautiful plants for your home, is to inspire sustainability and green living

Some of our efforts to operate efficiently and promote eco-consciousness are: 

  • We use 100% recycled packaging materials and don't use any plastic in our deliveries
  • We work with local nurseries who's main focus is to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint
  • We've partnered with One Tree Planted, which is a reputable organization that distributes donated funds to various reforestation projects

 We Love Lush Plants. We Love our Planet.

We Love Living in Harmony with the Natural World

By Bringing that Love into our Homes.