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Fern Poster

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Original watercolor painting by Veronica Schmitt printed on 5x7 inch heavy weight textured natural paper.

The script on the print is the French quote, "Batir est parfois nécessaire, mais planter est toujours utile."

Our translation is, "It's a duty to build, but a joy to garden."

French artist Veronica Schmitt is a recognized award winning artist. Most of her work consists of lively and colorful snapshots of life. She explored a new subject matter with these watercolor paintings.

To see more of Veronica's work, visit her website: (

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How To Take Care Of Your Fern


Ferns enjoy low light environments. Keep them out of direct sunlight.


Water your fern thoroughly when the top 3 inches of its soil are dry.


Ferns are generally non-toxic to pets.