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Indoor Herb & Houseplant LED Hydroponic Grow Kit

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Winter Shipping Protection: Shipping to a colder state? Please add a heat pack to your order to ensure your plant arrives in good health! 


Grow your herb plants and other indoor plants without any sunlight. The water reservoir keeps the plant hydrated and healthy without maintenance. This LED grow kit provides a carefree solution for your herbs and indoor plants.

Grow plants indoor without any care necesasry: Grow your plants indoors even without any sunlight. This LED grow kit provides all the light your plant will need. (Multiple light settings and adjustable angle.)

Auto Watering: There is a self-watering reservoir that will do most of the work for you.

Water Re-Fill Reminder: Once there is no more water left in the reservoir the device will emit a soft beeping sound to remind you to fill it up.

LED Settings: The LED has the option of using red light which is a more efficient way of growing certain plants.