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Mahogany Fern

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  • Botanical Name: Didymochlaena truncatula.
  • Common Name(s): Mahogany Maidenhair, Tree Maidenhair.
  • Description: Native to tropical South America, South Africa, and south east Asia, this unique fern is the only species in its genus and family. The Mahogany fern is named for its deep, wood brown that appears for its first growth before maturing to a woody green. Full maturity sees this fern growing up to 3x3 feet. Its ease of growth earned its reputation as "a Maidenhair without the fuss." More tolerable to light than other ferns, a Mahogany fern is the perfect gift for the beginner houseplant owner.

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How To Take Care Of Your Fern


Ferns enjoy low light environments. Keep them out of direct sunlight.


Water your fern thoroughly when the top 3 inches of its soil are dry.


Ferns are generally non-toxic to pets.