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Monstera Adansonii Swiss Cheese

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  • Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii.
  • Common Name(s): Adanson's monstera, Swiss cheese vine, five holes plant.
  • Description: The Swiss Cheese plant, gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves, which become covered with holes that resemble swiss cheese as it gets older. Part of the Araceae family that's native to South and Central America, this Monstera is easy to grow and loves to climb and grow upwards.

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How To Take Care Of Your Monstera


The Monstera Deliciosa loves bright, indirect sunlight in the warmer seasons (spring and summer). During the colder seasons (fall and winter) they prefer direct sunlight. Pro Tip: If the leaves start to turn yellow or look burnt, then the plant is getting too much sun and needs to be moved to a spot with less sun. On the other hand, if the leaves are not developing the slits that they are known for, then your plant is not getting enough sunlight and needs to be moved to a sunnier spot.


Monsteras love to be watered thoroughly, just ensure that the top inch of the soil is dry in between watering.

Potting Tips

Monsteras love to grow and they grow quickly given the proper environment! For a big lucious plant, plant them in a larger pot and repot them often to allow them to grow as they please.


Monsteras are toxic to pets.