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Peperomia Ripple plant in 4inch pot.

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  • Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata.
  • Common Names: Emerald Ripple Pepper, Ripple Peperomia, Caperata Ripple.
  • Description: Ripple Peperomia is a tropical plant in the Piperaceae family that is commonly used as a houseplant in temperate climates. It is a tropical evergreen herbaceous shrub that is erect and bushy and grows up to 8" tall. It is epiphtic in the jungles of South America where it is native. This plant is decorative and deeply furrowed nature, its heart-shaped leaves and cream-colored, spiked inflorescence add interest to it. Leaf attachment is sub-peltate and this plant is commonly used as an interior specimen or a desktop plant.

How To Take Care Of Your Peperomia


The Peperomia Plant enjoys medium to bright indirect light.


Check the soil of your Peperomia to see when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil is dry. When it is, it's time to water!


The Peperomia enjoys a moderate temperature with humidity.


The Peperomia Plant is non-toxic to pets!